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By working in deeper water we can build larger wind turbines in the open water farther from shore, where the wind is plentiful.

Moray Offshore Renewable Power’s two offshore wind projects – Moray East and Moray West are being developed to provide a secure, reliable source of energy without creating greenhouse gasses associated with global warming, and without producing nuclear waste.

We are leading the cost reduction agenda so the electricity we produce will be among the most competitively priced of any new generation.

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MW generating capacity granted consented in first development


square nautical miles area of Moray Firth Offshore Wind Zone


maximum water depth in metres

Latest News

EDP Renováveis and ENGIE consortium is awarded long-term CfD for 950 MW offshore wind project in UK

 11 September 2017:   EDP Renováveis, S.A. (“EDPR”) and ENGIE are pleased to announce that Moray Offshore Windfarm (East) Limited, a joint venture company currently owned by EDPR (77%) and ENGIE...

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