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Moray East

Providing Information For Others At Sea

Informing other Users of The Sea

The Moray Firth is used by a wide range of mariners for both commercial and recreation purposes. We aim to work closely with other mariners through construction and operation of Moray East, enabling everyone to operate safely with minimum of disruption.

In particular, construction of the offshore windfarm will mean that a wide range of different vessels of different sizes, with different capabilities will be in the Moray Firth, undertaking works to install and commission infrastructure.

Guard vessels will operate to provide for safe operations, helping to enable other vessels to avoid inadvertently sailing into areas where works are being undertaken.

In addition to Notices to Mariners, throughout construction we will issue weekly Notices of Operations and Vessel Reports.  These will be posted on this web page, and will also be supplied to Marine Scotland, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the Northern Lighthouse Board:


Notice of Operations:

These are weekly notices which provide information about works undertaken during the previous week, and works planned for the coming week.


Notices to Mariners

These provide information about specific activities undertaken by Moray East


Vessel Reports

These provide information about the specific vessels involved with the construction and operation of the windfarm



Details of  Persons Acting On Behalf of The Licencee are available by clicking  here





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