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We place a high value on engagement, and are committed to dialogue with the communities, organisations, enterprises and individuals who have an interest in the Moray Firth.

Consultation is at the heart of the development process, and we invite comments on the consultation papers which are published at various points in the process.

This page provides links to current consultation papers associated with Moray East.

Moray East Decommissioning Programme Consultation

Condition 3 of the Section 36 Consent issued to Moray Offshore Windfarm (East) Limited, under The Electricity Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017 as amended, requires the submission of a Decommissioning Programme (“DP”) pursuant to Section 105(2) and (5) of the Energy Act 2004.

Moray East are seeking consultee responses and comments on the DP in order to ensure the proposed works are agreed and approved by concerned parties, prior to the works being carried out.

Should you have any comments on these proposals, Moray East would be grateful if they could be sent to ensuring that Marine Scotland Licensing Operations Team are copied in using the following address until the 30 June 2018

The Decommissioning Programme may be downloaded here

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